The word ‘safari’ in Swahili means journey. We seek to offer the best all round journey by ensuring that our clients travel in comfortable, reliable custom built vehicles.

In support of the ‘best of the best’ we use a modern, custom-built fleet of 4 wheel drive Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers, specially designed for comfort and to ensure easy observation & photography.

Each vehicle is customized to give extra leg room and plenty of headroom. Extra large windows and windscreens improve all round game viewing and room for those with cameras with big lenses, tripods etc. Three generous roof hatches in the rear offer plenty of room for overhead game viewing for up to 6 passengers.

All vehicles are fitted with VHF Radio communication, with our own dedicated private frequency for inter vehicle communication.


• The best 4x4 vehicles
• Land Rovers or Toyota Land Cruisers
• Customised and modern
• Extra leg & head room
• Ideal for observation and photography
• Highly trained certified guides
• Fully equipped vehicles
• VHF Radio & GSM back-up

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