ORIGINS grew out of East African Ornithological Safaris (EAOS), a family-business based in East Africa. EAOS was founded in 1963 by Don and Margaret Turner, specializing in birding and special interest wildlife safaris.

The Turner family has a long and established history with Africa... The very first members of the family ventured across the continent more than a century ago and were amongst the first western explorers to discover the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

For the last 40 years, the Turner family has been outfitting safaris to all popular and lesser visited national parks, reserves, private ranches and tribal lands of East, Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

ORIGINS has emerged because we are not simply a “travel broker”. We are the essential component that makes safaris memorable. We strive to give visitors unfettered access to the wild and provide the highest standards of interpretation.

We seek to open doors, to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy, understand and immerse themselves in the stunning natural heritage of East and Central Africa.

Origins at a glance:

• Tradition of exploration
• Specialist escorting guides
• Family business founded in 1963
• Innovative itinerary development
• Efficient international communications
• Complete information and pre-departure service
• Peace of mind - knowing that you are in capable hands
• Essential passion for East and Central Africa’s natural heritage

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